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Long Tailed Fowl - Their History and Care
Book - A guide to long tailed fowl history and management provides information that  will fascinate anyone interested in these beautiful birds.

Long Tailed Fowl and Long Crowing Fowl Breeder's List
A world wide country by country listing of breeders of these rare fowl. The list is an ongoing compilation of breeders to help further awareness of the breeds and prevent extinction through helping new breeders find and obtain stock.

Poultry Information Pages
Informational Articles and Sources

Rick Rogers
Has China Game (Hainan Fowl)

Trevor Cropper's Original Art Work
Helping to promote poultry breeds through original paintings and drawings of game, heritage fowl, and more in oil, pencil, ink, etc.

Onagadori Center, Kochi Prefecture, Japan - google translation of this page -
The Onagadori Center houses beautiful specimens of Onagadori. The hours of operation are 9am - 5pm from March through Novemember and 9am - 4pm from December through February. Admission is only 500 yen (approximately $6.00), including photography.

Birds and Flying, My Life in Korea
A blog about rare poultry preservation in South Korea.

Korean Long-Crowers & Long-Tails Preservation Research Association(KLPA)
The preservation center of rare long tail and long crowing fowl in South Korea.

Backyard Poultry Magazine
Dedicated to more and better small-flock poultry.

Onagadori Body Type
Web page showing photos taken at various views and angles of birds with good Onagadori Type.

The Poultry Magazine
A bi-monthly poultry publication.

Best Animal Sites Pet Directory
Find the best pet and animal sites on the Web at Bestanimalsites.com.

Bird Directory
A links directory of the best bird sites.

Langstaartvechthoenders (Long Tailed Game Fowl)
About Sumatra, Satsumadori and Minohiki. Lots of info and photos. In both Dutch and English.

Ornamental Longtail Fowl: Onagadori, Minohiki, Shokoku, Ohiki, Totenko, Satsumadori, Gashiwa, Kurogashiwa, European Longtail Fowl: Phoenix and the Yokohama, Longcrowers: Totenko, Koeyoshi, Denizli, Tomaru, Kurogashiwa

Onagadori Center
Onagadori Center Germany, Info on Ornamental Fowl

Onagadori South Feather Farm
I raise bantam longtails. Ohiki, and a few other birds encluding long crowers. Always trying to better the breed, for feathering and health...always a few phoenix, and non-molting long-tails ...Toni-Marie

Feathersite - The Poultry Page
A website featuring photos, video and information about various breeds of fowl that includes chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, peafowl, pigeons, and turkeys.

Megumi Aviary
Megumi (Grace) Aviary is a rare poultry preservation and improvement project that's a hobby farm in rural Indiana. It's dedicated to the preservation, improvement, and reconstruction of poultry antiquities and rarities. - birds of high percentage Onagadori blood, Tuzo, and Long-Crowers

Ultimate Fowl Poultry Forums

Ultimate Fowl Wikipedia
Detailed histories of breeds. Information for the care of your poultry; including diseases and nutritional requirements.

Napa Longtails
Raising Standard Phoenix in Silver Duckwing, Golden Duckwing and Bantam whites.

Modern Day Fowl
Poultry forum

Stevens Poultry Farm
American and Oriental game fowl, layers, bantams,  golden pheasants, and bronze turkeys.

. Onagadori Traditional Rearing Related Links

Birds of a Really Long Feather by Tatsuya Sakamoto
Information about an elderly man who raises Onagadori in Japan.

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Custom Cranes
Custom Japanese Paper Cranes folded in colors you choose. Sold individually, in groups or artistically framed for wall art.

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