Long Tail Fowl and Long Crowing Fowl Photos

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User galleriesThis category contains albums that belong to Onagadori.net users.
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Juhuslikud failid
Hakuraikou at two years and eleven months of age3738 vaatamistHakuraikou, Rogers line - His longest tail feathers are 6' 6.75" and 6' 9" (2.06m). The adult feathers grew in two stages. He grew some during year one and others during year two. The longest feathers were grown in during year one and are one year ahead of the others. Usually, in cases such as this the adult feathers from year one would have been pulled out during the acquisition of the rest of the adult plumage during year two. Doing that would ensure that all feathers reach roughly the same time.
Onagadori1096 vaatamistOnagadori
Game Mutt!2265 vaatamistHere's an accidental stag that hatched this year. It is a Kelso over a White Rock. What do you think? lol
phoenikx 2010.jpg
1165 vaatamist
Chalice comb2408 vaatamist
Phoenix 001~0.jpg
1355 vaatamist
Tohtenkoh 2___.jpg
Tohtenkoh - From Old Japanese Poultry Book1394 vaatamist
Minohiki -  Long-Saddled Fowl.jpg
Minohiki - From Old Japanese Poultry Book1632 vaatamist

Viimased lisandused
28" tall Thai cock.2519 vaatamist26. jaan 2016
My Minohiki in 20131904 vaatamistMy Minohiki in 201314. okt 2013
My Minohiki in 20131904 vaatamistMy Minohiki in 201314. okt 2013
My Minohiki in 20131892 vaatamistMy Minohiki in 201314. okt 2013
My Minohiki in 20131905 vaatamistMy Minohiki in 201314. okt 2013
My Minohiki in 20131863 vaatamistMy Minohiki in 201314. okt 2013
My Ohiki in 20132055 vaatamistMy Ohiki in 201314. okt 2013
2013-06-30 14_26_01.jpg
My Ohiki in 20132063 vaatamistMy Ohiki in 201314. okt 2013

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